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Are You a Self-Employed Leader or a Visionary? Effició #GTCB Podcast

It is essential that you “prove” the vision for your business. Effició #GTCB Podcast, Episode 110 with Sherese Duncan

As a small business owner, you must prove a vision for your business to create a profitable path to your vision.  Also, how far do you want to go?  This can be defined on several levels, i.e. how big you want to get, how many employees you want to manage, do you want to be local or global, do you want to retire with this business, and how long you want to lead the business.

“A Deep CORE Rooted Experience” Episodes Part II of III:

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Brief Show Notes:

We are continuing our discussion from episode nine. To execute your strategic goals and work efficiently you must make concrete decisions about where you want to go and how far you want to take it. In this episode, I’m sharing 10 steps to help you prepare for “digging deep.” Let me help you expand your attitude and gain an overwhelming enthusiasm to become the entrepreneur you were always meant to be, and learn how to sustain mental energy to do the work necessary to become extraordinary in your total entrepreneurial career!

Let’s dig deep.™

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