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Digging Deep Takes Thinking and Doing Mindsets – Effició #GTCB Podcast

Digging Deep Takes Thinking and Doing Mindsets – Effició #GTCB Podcast, Episode 109

To play the game, and break success barriers you have to get educated, get informed, get your skills up to par, and most of all get street smart!

After almost three decades as an entrepreneur, seven business ventures, and over 1000 executive clients, I know what is required to get to the CORE.

Throughout three episodes (9-10-13), I share details of what it means to engage in the “digging deep to the CORE” process.

“A Deep CORE Rooted Experience” Episodes Part I of III:

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Brief Show Notes:

A deep CORE rooted experience requires a trusted, confident collaborator.

This is not a new person or a new title, it is a process that only a select few can commit to and intelligently share through education. And yes, this is my opinion and experience. My team and I are “trusted, confident collaborators” who help our students of entrepreneurship create wealth and a complete, whole, balanced life through entrepreneurship.

The skills to be a good employee are not the same as those required to build and grow a business, let alone an entrepreneurial career. Do you know where you’re going and how to get there but never realize your true vision? Or maybe you’re not sure where you’re going because you’re too busy paying the bills.

No matter your place in the business life cycle, no matter how successful you are, and no matter how educated and intelligent you are, everyone must go through a strategic development process – consciously or unconsciously.

You must be deliberate with your strategic development by making the right choices, at the right time and in the right frame of mind. To become progressive, proactive, and ultimately get to the CORE, you have to make choices with the right intentions, motivations, and wisdom.

Let’s dig deep.™

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