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We’ve been perfecting our education and consulting practices, our business model, and our strategic tools for the last 20 years. Effició’s education program leverages our unique ability to stay on the cutting edge of business, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial education in a unique 24-month program. We cover it all – the full spectrum of business sophistication from the simplest concepts to the most complex business challenges.

Curriculum and Support

Our education is a unique 24-month program offering custom learning experiences, including knowledge domains, learning support, academic support, blueprint documentation, and portfolio development. Additionally, four main curricula, workbooks, and training materials are combined to create the fifth edition of our Getting to the CORE of Business™ (GTCB) curriculum. You will receive physical materials via snail mail and supplemental materials will be available for download. We use a blended learning flipped classroom format. Therefore, supporting curricula and materials are released on a set schedule for review, homework, and questions. We provide live skill-builder courses led by your education team to cover key concepts that support application and practice.

In addition, you will access learning and academic support sessions to help you (1) develop processes that can be delegated and/or outsourced, (2) scale and/or grow your business efficiently, and (3) document an entrepreneurship portfolio and operational blueprints.

A brief breakdown of our education program:

Knowledge Domains (KD): We’ve developed and operationalized execution-oriented business strategies into four domains of knowledge delivered through several learning opportunities. Each knowledge domain has a specific curriculum based on curriculum levels, units, and supplemental skill-builder courses.:

  • Domain of Entrepreneurship is where you will link the entrepreneurship ecosystem and its domains to your business through simulations and defining your business’ set of case studies to integrate into your ecosystem development.
  • Domain of Business is where you begin upgrading your infrastructure by deepening your understanding of systems, processes, innovation, operational efficiency, and business principles.
  • Domain of Marketing is where you will apply skills of reading, writing, mathematics, problem-solving, and critical thinking to the creation of your marketing system.
  • Domain of Leadership is where you will focus on building your authentic leadership style through value proposition, executive goals, and professional development.

Curriculum: Four main curricula, workbooks, and training materials combine to create your getting to the CORE of business curriculum. They are designed to evolve with your business; therefore, they can be used years beyond your program. Your GTCB curriculum is the driver of action using all materials provided. This is your main learning tool. The companion workbooks have time-saving templates, worksheets, and checklists to organize strategic documents, document customized systems, and processes, and create your full set of operation manuals.

Learning Support: All students will have an opportunity to choose a business development track based on their business lifecycle stage. Learning support business development tracks supply strategies, practices, and intellectual support through skill-builder courses, tutorials, credentialing, and blueprint organization.

Academic Support: Academic support helps you become a more effective, engaged, and intentional learner. You will work collaboratively with your education team to achieve academic success through coaching and consulting, training sessions, learning communities, a credential support group, a private retreat, and professional lifestyle activities.

Credential and Credits: Through our Continuing Education Requirements (CER) program, we currently offer EDUs and EEUs. Earning entrepreneurship education units (EEUs) secures your Certified Strategic Business (CSB) credential by mastering designated core competencies. Entrepreneurship development units (EDUs) maintain your (CSB) credential and keeps you up to date on everything from the newest trends in business to updated tools, technologies, and techniques. During orientation, you will learn more about our credential program and earning EDUs and EEUs.

In addition to the above, as an Effició student, you will access:

  • Student Advising Center
  • Business Analysis Sessions
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Credential Management Sessions
  • Live and on-demand Webcasts
  • Effició’s Education and Learning portal (ELP)

As you can see, this program is not for the business dabbler — nor the faint of heart –, it requires a willingness to do the work assigned, unwavering commitment, and an intense development process.

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