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How to Stop Creating Unattainable Plans and Strategies – Effició #GTCB Podcast

Make the Intangible Tangible, Effició #GTCB Podcast, Episode 105 with Sherese Duncan

What you create today may not look the same tomorrow and you have to be okay with that. You must think, plan, read, write, and count consistently– these are the intangible activities that must be part of your ongoing education to gain tangible outcomes perpetually so that you can be okay with transcendence-change-different-never saw that coming…no matter when it occurs.

Let’s talk through this…

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Brief Show Notes:

The systems-centric business will provide the consistent, predictable results crucial to playing the business game well.  But it doesn’t just stop with systems.  You have to add street education to your development to fully transmogrify, but it can’t be learned only in a classroom. You have to take your theories or what you think and turn them into tangible results by proving your theories to be true on the ‘mean streets of business.’

You must lead your career and your company according to your vision; not only by what’s happening today. This approach allows you to strategically plan your course.  Otherwise, you’ll end up going in many directions without reaching any goals or hitting any marks.

Entrepreneurial development isn’t valuable without developing skills that allow you to create income at any time.

Let’s dig deep.™

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