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Welcome to Our Public Course Offerings

As part of our CORE24 education program, we offer courses across four domains: Entrepreneurship, Business, Marketing, and Leadership. We are excited to announce that our Domain of Entrepreneurship courses are now available to the public. These courses provide an excellent opportunity to experience the quality and depth of our education while gaining valuable skills and knowledge.

Domain of Entrepreneurship Courses Overview:

Objective: To cultivate entrepreneurial leaders with the essential skills to innovate, create value, and drive business growth. The courses emphasize practical leadership, strategic visioning, personal branding, and effective business execution within their entrepreneurial ventures.

Role in Overall Development: The entrepreneurship courses provide students with actionable insights and hands-on experience in leading their entrepreneurial ventures. By focusing on skill development in leadership, vision articulation, and branding, these courses ensure that students are prepared to launch and grow successful businesses. The practical applications and simulations are directly related to their business scenarios, reinforcing the CORE concepts covered in the curriculum and leading to a holistic entrepreneurial education.

Our public courses include:

  • Strategic Leadership: Innovation, Research, and Financial Sustainability
  • Executive Leadership: Vision, Mindset, Branding, and Career Development

Each course is designed to deliver practical, actionable insights that you can apply directly to your business.

Explore Our CORE24 Education Program:

Our public courses are part of a broader, comprehensive education program designed to equip you with the skills needed to lead and grow successful businesses. By enrolling in the full program, you gain access to a wider range of topics and deeper insights, enhancing your overall entrepreneurial capabilities.

To understand the full scope of our education programs explore our CORE24 education program or join our CORE Seminar to learn more.

Ready to take the next step? Click on the course links below to access course details and enroll today!

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