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Effició Education FAQ

If you have more questions, access our CORE Seminar.


The program’s format is designed for success and can be tailored to your business needs. The program considers that you are an adult, that you have preferred learning styles, and that your time is valuable. The full system is designed to take you through key intangible steps to allow you the freedom to customize the program around your unique capabilities. Once you've completed the first diamond step based on developed skills, you're on your way to executing your full business system on your terms
YES! Sherese is NOT one of those educators that only present theories or cookie-cutter strategies. She not only has gone through her own program (several times), but she has designed the program to automatically customize to your own unique situation. Sherese believes that everyone is unique and can't implement or manage a business in the same way. Therefore, it must be unique to each business and the person running the business.
No one wants to go it alone, not even us! Our clients have been there and done that and will never go it alone again!! Effició makes gathering information and implementing strategies simple. We provide specific step-by-step information that can be tailored to your business needs. We help you dissect information from the many resources available and put it all into an identifiable format. This program and the mining partners will be there with you step by step to help you take action and to hold you accountable for those actions. We also provide the support and mentoring you need throughout the program and beyond through the online learning portal.
First, you will receive an email of acknowledgment for the commitment you’ve just made to your business and career! Next, once you’ve completed your enrollment deposit, you will receive a confirmation online, via email, and if requested, we will mail you a copy. If you have questions about the status of your application, contact core[at]
There is a rolling admissions process, and applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. You will hear back within three to five business days after applying. If you submitted your application after your chosen cohort application deadline, your application will be considered on a space-available basis. If all spots are filled, you will be given the option to enroll in the next available cohort or your enrollment deposit can be immediately refunded so that you can apply at a later date.
Each module along with your set of learning tools is released on a set schedule. In addition, we have created a foundational learning curriculum so there is room for customization, impromptu, and amendments. As your live trainings are completed, you will be able to view the recordings. Our education format is similar to organizing your semesters in college to achieve a degree in that programming within each knowledge domain needs to be completed and practiced before moving on to the next. In addition, your training, courses, and tutorials all flow as you progress.
Our policy is once the program begins, after 90 days, we do not offer refunds. You can always join the next cohort with approval, with complete access to the full program. Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, we will review each case on an individual basis. Once you sign up for the program, you will have access to it for the time specified.
We invite you to take part in the program for up to a full 90 days in good standing from your cohort start date. If you do not feel we have delivered what was expected within those 90 days, we’ll happily stop payment on your account. For those who pay in one lump sum, we'll return your investment minus 90 days prorated tuition fee. Please note that tuition rates are subject to change at any time. You can contact us at 866-934-2673 to discuss; we go over our policies in detail during the application process.
All materials are provided for you and are included in the tuition. Because this is a blended online program, you will need access to a stable internet connection, and a computer, phone, or tablet to allow you to access online resources.
The yearly in-person retreats are not included in the tuition. Details and costs will be shared during orientation. Only students can attend the retreats. We want you there, but it is not required to complete the program.
Because we are "getting to the CORE" it requires an in-depth exploration of your mindset, your learning style, and your skills, we encourage you to be sure this is something you want to do — and that the program is right for you. Also, check in with yourself and ask, “Is this program appropriate for [my business] at this time?” When it comes to deep levels of growth and work, things may not make sense at the surface level but they can be understood at the CORE level. Remember, you AND your business are going through this program.
The main reason is to have a focused, knowledgeable, and experienced collaborative educator (coach, consultant, strategist, and trainer all in one) that will provide you with an objective outside perspective that is FRESH and UNBIASED. We consistently upgrade our skills, knowledge, education, and instructional techniques. All focused on providing the support structure you need that will bring about results. The ultimate reason is that time waits on no one – It’s Time for Results!! Let us help bring out the Red Diamond in your business!

Let’s begin a fun and exciting journey to the CORE together!

Review the admission steps if you’re ready to explore Effició as your strategic partner.


If you’ve attended the information session and are ready to become a student, begin your CORE24 online application.


If you want to continue to explore our program on your own, you can sign up for monthly updates and insights.

If have general questions call 866-934-2673 ext. 701 or email core[at]

We’re ready to serve you with innovative technologies, creative team members, and premier entrepreneur education that stay true to the Effició Brand: Getting to the CORE of Business.

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