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CORE10: Infrastructure and Systems Development

A progressive learning experience.

Our Goal: To deliver a consistent education program that fosters operational efficiencies, successful growth planning, and wealth creation.

Your Solution: Effició’s Getting to the CORE of Business™ 10-month education program, CORE10, will help existing business owners learn the ins and outs of building your business infrastructure in a simple yet effective format by supplying the information, tools, formats, and a step-by-step process to implement an effective strategic blueprint for your business. Once students complete the program, they’ll have a fully functioning blueprint that provides operational guidance that can be upgraded as the business evolves.

CORE10 education is a unique 10-month program offering custom learning experiences, including learning support, blueprint documentation, and systems development. Additionally, you will receive physical materials via snail mail and supplemental materials will be available for download. We use a blended learning flipped classroom format. Therefore, supporting curricula and materials are released on a set schedule for review, homework, and questions.

In addition, you will access learning support sessions to help you (1) document operational systems, and (2) develop processes that can be delegated and/or outsourced.

The ideal executive for this program: CEOs, Partners, and Founders of businesses with 0-20 employees who are building a practice, a firm, or a company in addition to building a team that allows them to create true wealth and achieve executive lifestyle goals. You are trying to move from tactical (day-to-day grind) to strategic roles (vision and innovation-focused).

To learn about the schedules, program details, and investment options, join the next CORE Seminar >>

Learning how to operate a business is standard training you must engage in. But we want to take you even further.  We want you to move beyond “how to” and on to an intelligent journey.

To engage in an intelligent education experience, progressive proactive learning experiences are required. You may lead just one business or invest in several business ventures – no matter your choice intelligence, progression, and proactivity – to set these in motion – you must get to the CORE.

During the program, executives will:

  • Evaluate current skills as a business owner.
  • Establish a thinking and doing mindset.
  • Offer solutions without compromise.
  • Implement a culture mindset.
  • Implement the framework for infrastructure.
  • Implement a documentation strategy.
  • Define operational systems along with corresponding processes.
  • Implement a framework for building a team.
  • Become an architect of strategy and innovation.

and much more!

A brief breakdown of our CORE10 education program:

CORE10 is a 10-month blended learning education program including live education, consulting, and mentoring. A manual, workbook, and training materials combine to create your CORE10 curriculum. It is designed to evolve with your business; therefore, it can be used years beyond your program. It is broken down into five sections with a total of 27 chapters:


Section 1 – What Are You Getting Yourself Into

This section covers the full program in detail including explanations of each system, each blueprint, and the take-action checklists used within each section. The process of getting to the CORE (understanding your business in its raw form and building from there) can be lonely, confusing, and frustrating because you don’t know what’s there until you get there.  You can’t get to the CORE without getting prepared – we’re going to discuss your business and the owner (that means you) and how both can affect your business’ success.

Section 2 –Differentiating Your Business: Marketability, Culture, and Brand, Cultivating the “DNA” of Your Business

The word culture generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance. In business, culture is “The foundation of why you’re in business and the framework for how you do business.” A business culture consists of five elements that are “practiced and passed on to the business team.” We’ll discuss why this step is so important and how to tie your business’ marketability, culture, and brand development together to set the standard of behavior for you, your team, and your business. Once you’ve created and have begun practicing your CORE culture, you’ll see a positive change in your business almost instantly!

Section 3 – Building Your Infrastructure: Organize Your Small Business Components to Function Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Several main components make up a small business, it is called the sum of business. You’ll learn how to define and analyze each component and create a focused business model to ensure each component can work interdependently and independently if the need arises. The process of organizing the vital components of your business is not a process that is a one-time deal, it is a continuous process that is cultivated, customized, and organized based on the vision you seek. Today’s business landscape demands that owners take the time to think, plan, and manage all components with clear and concise strategies.

Section 4 – Mining Your Red Diamond Business:  Operational Systems Design, Implementation, and Integration

Strategy and systems coupled together create the framework for your business model. The business model is then executed by business operations. Business Operations is supported by the business infrastructure. We’ll show you how to define, develop, implement, and manage systems and processes by teaching you how systems and processes work for YOUR business so your productivity ratio is consistent with profit and cash-flow goals.  Don’t get overwhelmed, we make this very simple and attainable.  

Section 5 – Pulling it Together with Business Intelligence

At this point in your education, you are approaching the CORE, and are ready to excavate your Red Diamond! To do this you will need to create a system for generating and measuring a consistent flow of buying customers. Your business operations are organized, and your professional and business image is on point. This section will help you implement measurement analysis and determine short and long-term quality control analysis criteria to operate your business day by day, month by month, and year by year efficiently.

Program Materials

CORE10 Manual: Packaged and delivered to you directly. It is your reference document and the central component of the program. It is over 400 pages of focused content that can be used for years beyond the program. Your manual is the driver of action utilizing all materials provided. This is your main education tool.

Red Diamond Workbook: To experience what you’re learning, we’ve created your Red Diamond Workbook (RDW). Your companion Red Diamond Workbook has Time-Saving Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists to organize final documents, document customized systems and processes, and create your full set of operational manuals. Some activities will be in your manual but most will be in your Red Diamond Workbook.

Infrastructure System and Process “templates.” These are customized templates that outline a format for developing and documenting systems and processes that can be used to integrate into your business. All are electronic fill-in-the-blank style templates. You don’t have to start from scratch…we’ve done all the work for you!

Strategic Blueprint Template: This is your primary assignment and includes templates to document your business model, infrastructure, and operations.

Diamonds of Achievement: To keep track of your progress, we must evaluate the viability of your business at each blueprint. We will use the diamonds of achievement spreadsheet to make critical checks throughout the program to ensure you’re focused and on track as you build and mine your red diamond business now and beyond this program.

CORE Mining Map: This is a companion to your Diamonds of Achievement. You will use the CORE mining map to visually document your path to your red diamond. This can be placed in your office close to your workspace.

Program Sessions and Support

In addition to the above, as a CORE10 executive student, you will access:

  • LIVE Education Sessions
  • Systems Planning Sessions
  • Business Advising Days
  • Point of Connection Support Community
  • Ongoing review and feedback of your systems, strategies, goals, and infrastructure
  • Access all benefits on our Education and Learning Portal (ELP)

Plus, you can earn Credential Credits: Through our Continuing Education Requirements (CER) program, we currently offer EDUs and EEUs. Earning entrepreneurship education units (EEUs) contributes to your *Certified Strategic Business™ (CSB) credential by mastering designated core competencies. Entrepreneurship development units (EDUs) maintain your (CSB) credentials and keep you up to date on everything from the newest trends in business to updated tools, technologies, and techniques. You will learn more about our credential program and earning EDUs and EEUs during your orientation.

As you can see, this program requires a willingness to do the work assigned, unwavering commitment, and an intense development process.

Admission and Application Details

CORE10 cohort start dates occur in June and October of each year. You can choose which month you would like to start your program during the application process.

Applicants are reviewed based on years in business, type of business, a desire to thrive through collaboration and shared experiences, and a willingness to learn, grow, and inspire inside and outside of their organizations.

Our commitment is to build an enterprising and active cohort with varying backgrounds, ideas, and experiences — to maximize intellectual dialogue and enrich your entrepreneurship education experience.

The full program is delivered in English. We recommend students be proficient at speaking and writing in English.

Applications are reviewed as we receive them, and admission is offered on a rolling basis until all seats are filled so it is in your best interest to apply early.

Tuition Details

Affordable payment plans for 2024 are described below. Pricing can change at any time.

Total Investment for the full 10 months is *$3970, three payment plan options are available:

Option 1: Pay in (10) Monthly Payments of $397
Option 2: Pay in (3) Quarterly Payments of $1324
Option 3: Pay in (1) Payment of $3970

We are committed to spending the entire 10 months helping you achieve greatness, and we’re asking for the same commitment from you.

The program fee includes tuition, access to online platforms, support, and all course materials. Full tuition must be paid within 10 months of your cohort start date. Once admitted, you will have the choice of paying your tuition in *ten monthly payments, three quarterly payments, or in one lump sum. Depending on your choice, your payment plan begins within five business days of application acceptance minus your enrollment deposit.

During the application process, after submission, you will be directed to process your enrollment deposit of $150 to hold your spot in your chosen cohort, and this amount will be deducted from your tuition upon acceptance.

Lock in your rate, begin your program, and let’s begin getting to the CORE of your business!

>> Begin your secure online application

OR, if you’re not ready to apply, access the CORE Seminar. If have general questions, call 866-934-2673 ext. 701 or email core[at] to speak with one of our team members.

Make sure you review this page (especially the FAQs below) to ensure this program is right for you.


The program’s format is designed for success and can be tailored to your business needs. The program considers that you are an adult, that you have preferred learning styles, and that your time is valuable. The full system is designed to take you through key intangible steps to allow you the freedom to customize the program around your unique capabilities. Once you've completed the first diamond step based on developed skills, you're on your way to executing your full business system on your terms
YES! Sherese is NOT one of those educators that only present theories or cookie-cutter strategies. She not only has gone through her own program (several times), but she has designed the program to automatically customize to your own unique situation. Sherese believes that everyone is unique and can't implement or manage a business in the same way. Therefore, it must be unique to each business and the person running the business.
No one wants to go it alone, not even us! Our clients have been there and done that and will never go it alone again!! Effició makes gathering information and implementing strategies simple. We provide specific step-by-step information that can be tailored to your business needs. We help you dissect information from the many resources available and put it all into an identifiable format. This program and the mining partners will be there with you step by step to help you take action and to hold you accountable for those actions. We also provide the support and mentoring you need throughout the program and beyond through the online learning portal.
First, you will receive an email of acknowledgment for the commitment you’ve just made to your business and career! Next, once you’ve completed your enrollment deposit, you will receive a confirmation online, via email, and if requested, we will mail you a copy. If you have questions about the status of your application, contact core[at]
There is a rolling admissions process, and applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. You will hear back within three to five business days after applying. If you submitted your application after your chosen cohort application deadline, your application will be considered on a space-available basis. If all spots are filled, you will be given the option to enroll in the next available cohort or your enrollment deposit can be immediately refunded so that you can apply at a later date.
Each module along with your set of learning tools is released on a set schedule. In addition, we have created a foundational learning curriculum so there is room for customization, impromptu, and amendments. As your live trainings are completed, you will be able to view the recordings. Our education format is similar to organizing your semesters in college to achieve a degree in that programming within each knowledge domain needs to be completed and practiced before moving on to the next. In addition, your training, courses, and tutorials all flow as you progress.
Our policy is once the program begins, after 90 days, we do not offer refunds. You can always join the next cohort with approval, with complete access to the full program. Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, we will review each case on an individual basis. Once you sign up for the program, you will have access to it for the time specified.
We invite you to take part in the program for up to a full 90 days in good standing from your cohort start date. If you do not feel we have delivered what was expected within those 90 days, we’ll happily stop payment on your account. For those who pay in one lump sum, we'll return your investment minus 90 days prorated tuition fee. Please note that tuition rates are subject to change at any time. You can contact us at 866-934-2673 to discuss; we go over our policies in detail during the application process.
All materials are provided for you and are included in the tuition. Because this is a blended online program, you will need access to a stable internet connection, and a computer, phone, or tablet to allow you to access online resources.
The yearly in-person retreats are not included in the tuition. Details and costs will be shared during orientation. Only students can attend the retreats. We want you there, but it is not required to complete the program.
Because we are "getting to the CORE" it requires an in-depth exploration of your mindset, your learning style, and your skills, we encourage you to be sure this is something you want to do — and that the program is right for you. Also, check in with yourself and ask, “Is this program appropriate for [my business] at this time?” When it comes to deep levels of growth and work, things may not make sense at the surface level but they can be understood at the CORE level. Remember, you AND your business are going through this program.
The main reason is to have a focused, knowledgeable, and experienced collaborative educator (coach, consultant, strategist, and trainer all in one) that will provide you with an objective outside perspective that is FRESH and UNBIASED. We consistently upgrade our skills, knowledge, education, and instructional techniques. All focused on providing the support structure you need that will bring about results. The ultimate reason is that time waits on no one – It’s Time for Results!! Let us help bring out the Red Diamond in your business!

We look forward to meeting you!

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