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CORE Seminar: Enhance your business goals with our seasoned practitioner-led seminar.

Don’t miss the chance to refine your skill sets and shape strategies that impact.

In these hour-long sessions, we will present our “getting to the CORE of business concept. While every session will be different based on the participants’ energy, questions, and resources shared, the focus is the same: to share how we engage and support entrepreneurs in industry, education, and research.

What to Expect

Comprehensive Overview of Our Education Programs:
Immerse yourself in a condensed yet comprehensive overview of our education programs, unlocking tools and knowledge to develop operations effectively.

Enhance Operational Efficiency:
Gain valuable insights into enhancing operational efficiency. Explore techniques that contribute to streamlined processes and improved productivity.

Strategic Planning Discussion:
Engage in discussions about strategic planning and its direct impact on business operations.

Unique Business Insights:
Gain a deeper understanding of principles that drive excellence in business.

Why Join the CORE Seminar?

No matter your place in the business life cycle, no matter how successful you are, and no matter how educated and intelligent you are, everyone must go through a strategic development process – consciously or unconsciously. And…consistently throughout your professional career.

You must be deliberate with your strategic development by making the right choices, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind. To become progressive, proactive, and ultimately (whatever you you decide you want):

  • You have to choose to develop Your skill sets
  • You have to choose to be a strategic business Achiever
  • You have to choose to work on your Career
  • You have to choose to be a Leader
  • You have to choose to be Proactive and Progressive

This is a unique opportunity to focus on the pivotal role operations play in executing intelligent solutions.

When operating a business, we often dream of the executive lifestyle, long-lasting wealth, and building an aligned team. But it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks with little time for executive, strategic thinking.

If you’re ready to transition from the day-to-day grind to a strategic role that’s vision and innovation-focused, then let’s meet!

The ideal attendees for the information session are small firm leaders who want to:

  • Execute strategies that allow them to create true wealth
  • Move from the day-to-day, tactical roles to strategic and innovation-focused ones
  • Create perpetual and efficient operations
  • Utilize technology to eliminate overwhelm and stagnation
  • Build a team of collaborative innovators

Does this sound like you? Let’s begin our dig together! 

We are going to get to the core, dig deep, and get rooted.

Seminars are on the first Thursday of every month 10 am – 11 am Eastern.

Reserve your seat for our next live CORE Seminar:

Need additional details, call toll-free at 866-934-CORE (2673), or email core[at]efficioeducation. com.

Privacy: We keep all information shared confidential and secure.  We do not sell, rent, or loan client contact information to anyone at any time.  You can contact us directly at 866-934-2673 if you have questions about how we store and secure your information or check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

*Education Handbook: Your handbook is free, and we will ship it to you at no cost. Once you register, your handbook will ship within 48 hours if you’ve completed all form fields. *If you live in the United States, you will receive your physical package within 3-7 business days. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for non-U.S. attendees.


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