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Student Experience

Effició Student of Business and Entrepreneurship™ (SBE) Experience and Empowerment

Once enrolled in our education program, you will become a Student of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE)! You will join other business leaders who are pre-qualified, like-minded, and ready to learn. Student Experience and Empowerment™ (SEE) advances the mission of our education by helping to shape an environment in which all students are challenged and supported in their efforts to learn, understand, and challenge their businesses and themselves. In addition, we engage in continuous assessment to provide innovative, meaningful, and effective learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Becoming an SBE with Effició is about experiencing learning holistically. The business owners’ learning experience can be very unique, exciting, and fulfilling. Our focus is to ensure all students are supported and invigorated to exceed their definition of success on their terms and create their own unique business learning style.

The central functions of SEE are to:

  • Promote individual student learning and development through educational programs that generate awareness of the relationship between the student’s education/skills and attitudes needed to function in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Provide services that accommodate and stimulate the learning process and promote a fit entrepreneurial learning style.
  • Foster a learning community that promotes student involvement in their intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, and physical development.
  • Develop the human and facility resources necessary to support the increasingly diverse and multilingual student population.

As a student-centered program, we promote a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students that fosters personal development, an engaged community, and a sense of personal connection to Effició as their strategic partner. We understand the value of confidentiality, ethics, and privacy for entrepreneurs. These values are part of our commitment to our emphasis on teaching, research, technology, and collaboration.

Student of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) Profile

Our education embraces knowledge transfer holistically — bringing together global participants to share unique experiences, perspectives, and opinions.

For entrepreneurs looking to advance, evolve, or uncover ‘what’s next,’ Effició’s education is a forward-thinking, forward-moving education experience. We curate entrepreneurial leaders that harness the invigorated power of shared knowledge, cross-industry insight, and life experience.

Most of our students are ambitious industry-savvy leaders of companies. We also welcome entrepreneurial leaders aspiring to or already serving in C-level roles who handle integrating operational initiatives and making a company-wide impact in the next step of their career.

Our most successful SBEs:

  • Have owned their company for at least four yours and are building a practice, a firm, or a company in addition to growing a dynamic team centered on a central vision.
  • We’ve worked with a diverse group of businesses, including accounting firms, IT firms, consulting practices, engineering firms, new energy and biotech firms, law firms, construction companies, designer and artist firms, marketing companies, manufacturing companies, retail stores, restaurants, and many more.

We specialize in business no matter the industry.

Key support tools for SBEs upon admission:

  • Effició’s Education and Learning Portal (ELP) is our online private business environment for our students who value confidentiality, integrity, and openness. Most of our education, tools, and programs are located in the ELP.
  • Point of Connection (POC) is your virtual student union located in the LMS and is central to the student experience at Effició.
  • The Collective Learning Community is a source of practice, purpose, and collective impact. The Collective enables participants to share results and learn from each other, thereby improving their ability to achieve rapid yet considerable progress.
  • Executive Study Sessions are 45 minutes of executive study designed with our students in mind. Our Executive Study combines connection, intellect, and comfort in an exclusive atmosphere providing our students with specific information on how to build their business infrastructure into a streamlined operation.
  • The Small Business Strategy Group (SBSG) supports our students pursuing the Certified Strategic Business (CSB) credential.  As a credential support program, credential candidates receive private one-on-one consulting from their strategist to complete their EEUs and EDUs, their experiential review, and exam requirements.

Expected Results

Winging it” and “Guessing Games” can kill a business. Freedom, flexibility, and a sustainable bottom line aren’t just given to you. It takes clear and concise action.

Here are some of the results our SBEs shared during and after Getting to the CORE with Effició:

  • My infrastructure is solid and working profitably.
  • I’m finally a master of my numbers.
  • I transmogrified, I got to the CORE, and I finally have an executive-level income.
  • I have clear procedures and protocols in place that can be delegated without loss.
  • I’ve captured every detail of our operation, including filling in the gaps, now my COO can be hired!
  • I’ve learned how to create easy-to-follow flow processes that we can immediately implement with our entire virtual team.
  • I lost my passion but after getting to the core, the passion is back in full force.
  • Taking action has taken on a whole new meaning.
  • Got my business AND my personal life in perfect harmony.
  • I needed the “let’s keep it real” ideas and concepts.
  • OMG! I so needed the drill sergeant.
  • Generated real cash flow not just revenue after only three sessions!!

Our student experience goal is to create a safe (confidential, proprietary, and secure) and forward-thinking learning environment that enriches the entrepreneurial experience at Effició.

We’re ready to support your pursuit of excellence & intellectual rigor.

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Admission and Application Details

Applying for admission is available three times per year. Students may register for the program after the deadline dates providing seats are available. Our cohort start dates occur in January and September each year. Learn about Admission and Application Requirements >>

OR, if you’re not ready to apply, access our CORE Seminar. If have general questions, call 866-934-2673 ext. 701 or email core[at]

We’re ready to serve you with innovative technologies, creative team members, and premier entrepreneur education that stay true to the Effició Brand: Getting to the CORE of Business.™


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