We’re pleased to share monthly reports to drive better business decisions.

Our focus is on exploring intriguing and strategic topics that transcend the typical boundaries of small businesses. Through in-depth research, substantiated evidence, and our own expertise, we offer insightful perspectives on various professional domains. Our aim is to present innovative approaches to expand companies, suggest imaginative paths for business growth, and showcase opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation. 

Our investigative process begins with reviewing trends, patterns, data relationships, and information from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations within our strategic blueprint topics: strategy, business, technology, finance, human capital, and marketing. The CORE of our report explores questions beyond the boundaries of what business usually entails and seeks new, challenging, and richly rewarding perspectives. 

Our chief objective is to provide practical solutions to the questions and concerns of chief executive officers, business proprietors, and small business initiators.

Report Format

Getting to the CORE is about a digging process, our focus is to excavate relevant business questions investigated in academic, practitioner, and industry research that provide direction, sources, and opportunities that small firm leaders can use in their strategic planning and execution.

Our objective is to find impactful questions answered through research and real-world application. The goal of our CORE inquiry is to share findings on key business questions that are compelling and relative to business operations, systems, strategy, and marketability.

To find these questions, we collaborate with stakeholders who align around common goals, metrics (ways of measuring achievement), theories of change, and areas of practice. And, our most valued collaborator, you! We want our community to thrive through discussion and participation. 

Each issue will have a questionthe findings, and a list of sources. Each quarter, we host a live discussion to review and share strategies for how to apply the findings to your business.

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We look forward to your participation! Thank you for the opportunity to provide strategic resources and programs consistently.

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